Osseous Surgery in Indianapolis, IN

At The Dental Implant Institute, under the expert care of Dr. Zach Scearce, we specialize in Osseous Surgery for patients in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Our dedicated team is committed to providing a wide range of periodontal and dental implant services, all with the goal of enhancing your smile and overall oral health.

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Osseous Surgery is a vital procedure performed when periodontitis cannot be effectively corrected with traditional treatments like deep scaling and root planing.

This surgical procedure involves the recontouring or removal of damaged bone surrounding a tooth or teeth to address sagging pockets, eliminate harmful bacteria, and smooth the damaged bone. Osseous Surgery facilitates the reattachment of healthy gum tissue to the bone, preventing further damage and halting the decay process.

Periodontitis, an inflammatory condition affecting the gums and the bone support around the teeth, is a prevalent oral health issue, with over 75% of American adults experiencing some level of gum disease. Left untreated, periodontitis can lead to various problems, including swollen and bleeding gums and gum recession. Prolonged untreated gum disease can result in the deterioration of the jawbone and eventual tooth loss.

At The Dental Implant Institute, we recognize the importance of Osseous Surgery in effectively treating periodontitis and safeguarding your oral health. Our comprehensive examinations of your soft tissues are a routine part of every checkup. We offer a wide array of essential periodontal and dental implant services, ensuring that each patient receives tailored care. Our compassionate and conscientious team collaborates with a shared goal of providing you with the highest quality service for your overall oral health. We approach all dental procedures in a calm, relaxing environment and consider your dental care an essential partnership within your overall healthcare.

If you have questions about the benefits of Osseous Surgery or are currently dealing with persistent gum disease, please call our Indianapolis office at (317) 577-2450 to schedule your appointment today. Your journey to healthier gums and a more confident smile begins here.