Dental Bone Graft in Indianapolis, IN

At The Dental Implant Institute, under the expertise of Dr. Zach Scearce, we offer advanced Dental Bone Grafting procedures to promote healing and bone growth in the jaw for patients in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Our dedicated team is committed to providing a wide range of periodontal and dental implant services, all with the aim of enhancing your smile.

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Dental bone grafting is a cutting-edge, safe, and effective method to stimulate healing and bone regeneration in the jaw.

Because natural bone tissue has the remarkable ability to regenerate and grow, strategically placed bone grafts can encourage bone growth in specific areas where it is needed. After the graft placement, the jawbone typically requires four to nine months to heal before we can proceed with the placement of desired dental implants.

Dental bone grafting not only enables us to replace lost bone but also promotes the growth of new bone in the targeted area. This provides us with the opportunity to place dental implants of the appropriate length, restoring proper functionality and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

At The Dental Implant Institute, our comprehensive periodontal and dental implant services include dental bone grafting procedures. Our attentive and compassionate team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care for your smile. We create a serene and relaxed environment for all our patients and consider ourselves essential partners in your overall health. If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of a dental bone graft or wish to schedule an evaluation, please contact our Indianapolis office at (317) 577-2450.

If you've been missing a tooth or teeth for an extended period, a dental bone graft may be necessary, as your jawbone may have begun to atrophy. A dental bone graft is a highly successful method for replacing lost bone tissue and restoring your oral health.