Ridge Augmentation in Indianapolis, IN

At The Dental Implant Institute, under the expert care of Dr. Zach Scearce, we specialize in Ridge Augmentation for patients in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Our dedicated team is committed to providing a wide range of periodontal and dental implant services, all with the goal of enhancing your smile and overall oral health.

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A Ridge Augmentation is a vital procedure that involves placing a bone graft directly into the empty socket where a tooth's roots used to be. This process helps re-create the natural shape of the gums and jaw that have been lost following tooth extraction.

Ridge Augmentation is essential for reestablishing your jaw's natural contour. After a tooth is extracted, the jawbone begins to weaken and deteriorate, leading to recession. The empty socket, which was once supported by the removed tooth, gradually shrinks in height and width, resulting in an indentation in the gums or jawbone. This occurs because the bite pressure is no longer exerted on the jawbone in that spot. The lack of pressure causes bone shrinkage.

It's crucial to visit Dental Implant Institute promptly after tooth loss to prevent excessive and rapid jawbone decline. If too much bone loss has occurred, we may recommend a ridge augmentation to halt and reverse this process.

The professionals at Dental Implant Institute will ensure you fully understand the benefits of a ridge augmentation. We offer a wide range of significant periodontal and dental implant services to assist all patients. Our conscientious team is dedicated to providing you with quality service for your overall oral health. We approach your dental procedures in a calm and soothing environment, and we consider your unique dental care as a crucial partnership within your overall healthcare. If you have questions about the advantages of ridge augmentation, please call our Indianapolis office at (317) 577-2450 to schedule your appointment today.

This procedure is especially beneficial for the successful insertion of dental implants. Increasing the width and height of the jawbone ensures the new implant's stability, guaranteeing its longevity. Ridge augmentation may be required for both aesthetic and functional reasons, whether it's to restore a lost or removed tooth or to support dental implants.